Spin Flash Dryer
XSG series
Inorganics.Organic matter.High molecular polymer.Dyestuffs and pigments.Pharmaceutical.Pesticides.Chemical additives.Food and feed additives.

Working Principle:

The flash dryer is a continuous drying equipment specially designed for filter-cake-like, paste-like, and slurry-like materials. The clean heat medium enters the drying chamber from the tangential direction, and forms a powerful vortex rotating airflow together with the mechanical stirring mechanism. The wet material is fed into the drying chamber quantitatively by the feeder and crushed and dried under the action of stirring and vortex airflow. The top of the drying chamber is equipped with a particle size classifier. The fine powder is discharged from the top of the tower and collected into the product by the subsequent separator. The larger particles are returned to the drying chamber and continue to be crushed and dried.

Product Features:

Ø  Dry viscous material: the lower part of the dryer is in a cone structure and has a crushing device plus air flow to wash the wall of the device, so it can handle a certain viscous material.

Ø  Dry heat-sensitive materials: Due to the short drying time, the relative speed of the material and the hot air is large and the hottest air does not directly contact with the dry material, so it can be used to process heat-sensitive materials.

Ø  High drying strength: due to the crushing, scouring and collision of materials during the drying process, the surface area increases: at the same time, the hottest air does not directly contact the dried materials, and the inlet air temperature can be higher than the melting point of the materials, so the equipment has high drying strength.

Ø  Effective control of final moisture and fineness: the built-in objects (swirl blade, ceramic ring or classifier) are set through the drying tower, and coordinated with the inlet air temperature, which can effectively control the final moisture and finished product fineness.

Ø  Environmental protection compliance: The system operates under slight pressure, and adopts different dust removal methods and materials according to different materials (pulse bag filter, wet scrubber, venturi wet dust collector, etc.), which can eliminate environmental pollution.

Ø  Dry viscous materials: According to different materials, the feeder and the discharger adopt different forms, which can achieve automatic, continuous feeding and smooth discharge requirements.

Ø  Optimal power matching: according to different material properties (density, bulk density, viscosity, fineness, initial moisture, final moisture, angle of repose, etc.), matching blower, induced draft fan, agitator, feeder, etc., to match the power optimal.


Ø  Inorganics: cryolite, ultrafine calcium carbonate, tellurium dioxide, manganese dioxide, sodium fluorosilicate, kaolin, zirconium silicate, aluminum silicate, basic magnesium carbonate, refined salt, borax, sodium metabisulfite, light carbonic acid Calcium, magnesium hydroxide, aluminum phosphate, zinc phosphate, sodium thiosulfate, zinc sulfide, sulfate, cuprous chloride, bleaching powder, boric acid, borax, hydroxide, light magnesium carbonate, tribasic lead sulfate , Iron oxide, quartz sand, titanium dioxide, iron oxide red, antimony oxide.

Ø  Organic matter: 1-aminoanthraquinone, benzoic acid, sodium oxalate, long-chain dibasic acid, lead acetate, hydroquinone, anthraquinone, sodium dichloroisocyanurate, calcium pantothenate, cyclohexanone, m-dibenzonitrile , O-toluic acid, calcium citrate, sodium trichloroisocyanurate, sodium salicylate, 2,3-acid, DSD acid, H acid, J acid, R acid, T acid, Y acid, acetanilide.

Ø  High molecular polymer: PE, powder styrene butadiene rubber, sulfonated phenolic resin, polyvinyl chloride resin, polyvinyl acetate.

Ø  Dyestuffs and pigments: indigo, lead chromate, strontium chromate, reactive brilliant red X-3B, reactive brilliant blue KN-R, Lisol red, alkaline bright yellow, medium black, lemon yellow, acid black 10B, acid medium Black T, phthalocyanine blue, iron oxide black, iron oxide yellow, cationic red GTL, cationic blue X-GRRL, directly frozen yellow G, neutral black.

Ø  Pharmaceutical: Aminopyrine, protein powder, ribonucleotide, guanosine.

Ø  Pesticides: atrazine, avermectin, badan, chlorothalonil, fenfenamide, pyridaben, imidacloprid, glyphosate, mancozeb, paclobutrazol, oxazoxystrobin , Jing quizalofop, metoprolol, sterilized dan, insecticidal dan, insecticidal single, insecticidal bis, triphenyl tin acetate, saccharin, tricyclazole, bis glyphosate, dimethoate.

Ø  Chemical additives: white carbon black, accelerator D, accelerator TMTD, molecular sieve, activated clay, vulcanization accelerator CZ, vulcanization accelerator DM, vulcanization accelerator M, vulcanization accelerator TMTD, vulcanization accelerator ZDC, dibasic Lead phosphite, stearate.

Ø  Food and feed additives: soy protein isolate, methionine chelated copper, starch, yeast powder, glucose.


Technological Process:


Technical Parameters:

ModelCylinder   diamater(mm)Host Machine Size   (mm)Installed   Capacity (kW)Input Air(m³/h)Water   Evaporation (kg/h)Max. Height(m)Site Area (㎡)
XSG200200250×280010300-800 10-20415
Note:   Water evaporation is related with the material characteristic and the inlet   and outlet air temperature.

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