Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer
XF series
Inorganic substances. Organic substances. Pharmaceutical. Food and feed additives. Dye. Pesticides. Chemical additives.

Working Principle:

This fluid bed dryer is also called intermittent fluidized bed dryer. Means that the material is in a "fluidized" state, and the bulk wet material enters the dryer through the hopper. The filtered air is heated to the optimal drying temperature, then enters the air distribution cylinder of the main machine, and is distributed through the butterfly valve from the bottom of the main machine through the distribution plate to contact the materials, so that the materials form a boiling state (fluidized state) in the dryer; The fluidized material particles are in full contact with the hot air flow to complete the intense heat and mass transfer process. After the material is dried, it is pumped into the cooling chamber and discharged from the discharge port after natural cooling. The exhaust gas is dedusted by the built-in bag filter and then discharged into the air by the fan.

Product Features:

Ø  Low drying cost and remarkable economic benefit.

Ø  The residence time of materials in the fluidized bed is adjustable, which can produce products with lower water content.

Ø  High thermal efficiency, high drying intensity, small footprint, low investment and wide application.

Ø  The system is fully enclosed, negative pressure operation, no dust flying, good operating environment.

Ø  The equipment has no moving parts (except fans), stable and reliable performance, simple structure, easy to operate.

Ø  The drying and cooling are completed in one machine, and the batch feeding mode is adopted for material feeding.


Ø  Inorganic substances: sodium perchlorate, perchlorate, sodium perborate, and basic nickel carbonate.

Ø  Organic substances: aminoguanidine bicarbonate, hydantoin, 1-chloroanthraquinone, tartaric acid, sodium tartrate, potassium tartrate, o-chlorobenzoic acid, thiadiazole.

Ø  Pharmaceutical: sulfadiazine, sulfathiazole, clarithromycin, L-tryptophan, tetracycline, perisulfamide.

Ø  Food and feed additives: acesulfame, chlortetracycline for feeding, potassium sorbate, betaine.

Ø  Dye: red base, cationic golden x-GL, cationic red x-GRL, cationic blue x-GRRL.

Ø  Pesticides: chlorpyrifos, glyphosate, aluminum triethylphosphonate, tebuconazole, and methamidophos.

Ø  Chemical additives: ferrocene, casein.

Application Range:

Ø  Applicable to the drying of powdery, granular, slice, columnar and filter-cake shaped materials with a general particle size of 50 (300 mesh number) to 6000 (3 mesh number) microns

Ø  Suitable for screw extruding granules, swing granules, high-speed mixing granulation granules.

Ø  Suitable for the drying of materials that have strict requirements on the final moisture and drying temperature of the product, especially for the drying of materials with a single batch of wet material processing capacity below 150 kg


Technological Process:



Technical Parameters:

ModelDrying   capacity
Fan power
Air   pressure
Air   quantity
Air inlet   temperature
Max.energy   consumption
Feeding Type
XF10 10-157.55.5×103150060-2002.0×1081.Star   feeder
    2.Pneumatic self delivery
XF20 20-25115.8×103200060-2002.6×108
XF30 30-4015 7.1×103385060-2005.2×108
XF50 50-80308.5×103700060-2001.04×109

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