Continuous Fluid Bed Dryer
GLP series
Inorganic substances.Organic matter.Pesticide.High molecular polymer.Pharmaceutical.Chemical additives.Food and feed additives.Fertilizer.

Working Principle:

Continuous fluidized bed dryer is also called horizontal fluid bed dryer. A certain amount of air enters the dryer after being filtered, dehumidified (optional), and heated, and the inlet air temperature can be accurately controlled. The wet material is evenly added to the first chamber of the fluidized bed (with a harrow device) through the feeder, and is fully contacted with the hot air. The semi-dry product after the first chamber is basically in a loose state, ensuring the fluidization quality of the entire drying process, and finally meeting the drying requirements of the product. The entrained fine powder waste gas that has been in contact with the material, by virtue of the volume expansion principle of the equipment, achieves the ideal settling speed of the fine powder in the drying chamber, thereby minimizing the fine powder content of the exhaust air. Exhaust gas finish the dust elimination through cyclone separator and bag filter, then being washed by wet scrubber and discharged into air.

Product Features:

Ø  The residence time of materials in the fluidized bed is adjustable, this fbd dryer can produce products with lower water content.

Ø  High heat transfer intensity and high thermal efficiency. The rake device can break up the materials which are easy to agglomerate.

Ø  The feeding amount can be adjusted according to the temperature change in the fluidized bed for continuous or batch production.

Ø  The materials in the fluid bed are evenly dried to avoid part overheating of raw materials.

Ø  Adopt special air distribution plate, which not only pushes the material forward, but also does not loss the material.

Ø  The system adopts multi-level dust removal, which improves the product availability and reduces the material loss.

Ø  The system uses a fully enclosed structure, and the drying and cooling processes can be completed in one device at the same time.

Ø  Continuous operation, large processing capacity, suitable for large production.


Ø  Inorganic substances: soda ash, sodium fluoride, sodium perchlorate, sodium perborate, sodium silicate, sodium perborate, persulfate, activated carbon, alum, basic zinc carbonate, potassium phosphate, calcium hydrogen phosphate, dihydrogen phosphate Ammonium, sodium thiosulfate, barium sulfate, potassium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, manganese sulfate, sodium sulfate, copper sulfate, ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, calcium chloride, potassium chloride, nickel chloride, potassium chlorate, bleaching powder, Sodium metasilicate, ferric oxide, quartz sand, potassium bicarbonate, sodium bicarbonate, titanium dioxide, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, Yuanming powder, potassium dichromate, sodium dichromate.

Ø  Organic matter: sodium benzoate, phenylacetic acid, potassium acetate, p-aminobenzenesulfonic acid, hydroquinone, terephthalic acid, p-nitroaniline, 2,6-dichloro-4-nitroaniline, calcium pantothenate, pentaerythritol , Sodium formate, coke powder, o-chloro-p-nitroaniline choline chloride, chloroacetic acid, bisphenol S.

Ø  Pesticide: glyphosate.

Ø  High molecular polymer: phenolic resin, nylon, impact modifier ACR, polypropylene resin, polyacrylamide, polymethyl methacrylate, polytetrafluoroethylene resin, polyamide resin, chlorinated polyethylene, chlorinated Rubber, nylon 1010, EVA resin.

Ø  Pharmaceutical: protein powder, corn germ.

Ø  Chemical additives: DCP, accelerator NOBS, molecular sieve, potassium persulfate complex, basic chromium sulfate, vulcanizing agent MOCA.

Ø  Food and feed additives: Desiccated coconut, single-cell protein feed, soybean meal, starch, compound amino acids, calcium formate, citric acid, sodium citrate, glucose, calcium gluconate, feed yeast, granulated sugar.

Ø  Fertilizer: urea.


Technological Process:


Technical Parameters:


ModelFluidizd areaDehydrated   levelFan PowerSteam   Consumption

Host machine Installation Reference SizeABCDEF
Note:   The inlet air temperature and the drying time should be deceided by the   material characteristics.

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