Pharmaceutical Herbal Extract Spray Dryer
ZLG series
Pharmaceutical Herbal Extract

Working Principle:

Ø  The machine is fully enclosed, all parts are made of stainless steel, equipped with a three-stage purification device, the filtered air reaches 100,000 grade requirements. The cylinder is equipped with a cold wall device, so that the wall temperature is less than 80 , even if the material stays on the wall of structure there is no coking and deterioration phenomenon, which greatly increases the powder collection rate (up to 95%), and won’t cause drug mixing and wall sticking.

Ø  Basic principle: It is the application of centrifugal spray drying technology in the drying of specific materials, it uses high-speed centrifugal atomizer to disperse the materials into a mist form and fully contact with hot air to complete instant drying to form powdered products.

Ø  It is a spray dryer specially used to solve the drying of traditional pharmaceutical herbal extract paste and liquid. Use the original LPG high-speed spray dryer to do the drying of traditional pharmaceutical herbal extract will cause following problems:

(1).The material sticks to the wall and the powder collection rate is low;

(2).The material stays on the wall for a long time, causing coking and deterioration of the material

(3).It is difficult to clean and does not meet GMP requirements;

(4).Low output: LPG-150 spray dryer can only handle 50-60kg / h liquid material.

Ø  ZLG series pharmaceutical herbal extract spray dryer has solved above situations, it has following characteristics:

(1).Three-level air purification is adopted to make the air intake meet the requirements of 300,000 levels;

(2).The cold wall device is adopted to make the inner wall temperature reach 80 , and the material stays on the wall without coking;

(3).The entire volume is 3.5 times that of the original LPG standard centrifugal spray.

(4).Adopt quick opening flushing device, suitable for production requirements of many varieties

(5).The dust removal adopts wet dust removal, so that the dust does not go out, which meets the environmental protection requirements;

(6).The air sweep device is adopted, and its effect is more satisfactory;

(7).Provide 2 sets of atomizers and adopt frequency conversion to adjust speed

(8).PLC control is adopted, and the screen display of the program control system;

(9).Can be equipped with flushing device

(10).It can be equipped with dry air sealed transportation;

Product Features:

Ø  The tower body has a cold wind jacket;

Ø  The tower body is equipped with an automatic vibration device;

Ø  The tower body and pipeline are equipped with quick opening cleaning holes and sewage holes;

Ø  Can be equipped with automatic control constant temperature feeding tank;

Ø  Can be equipped with manual high-pressure washing tower random accessories;

Ø  The parts in contact with the materials are made of stainless steel (or all stainless steel);

Ø  Material collection adopts bipolar cyclone dust removal device, or first-level cyclone dust collector and wet dust collector;

Ø  Inlet air temperature realizes automatic control and continuous device.

Ø  Air sweeping device can be equipped.


Technological Process:


Technical Parameters:

Water   evaporation(kg/h)255080100150200300
Feed   liquid processing capacity(kg/h)25-3450-6880-108100-135150-203200-270300-406
Finished   product output(kg/h)4.8-7.29.2-1414.8-22.418.4-2828-4236.8-56.455-85
Solid   content of wet materials(%)18-25
Final   moisture(%) 3-5
Electric   power(kw)6399132153204246330
Heat   sourceSteam   + electric heating
Collect   way and efficiencyTwo-stage   cyclone separator or one-stage cyclone and one stage wet scrubber 95%
Automatic   instrumentHot   air inlet and outlet temperature display, automatic temperature controller
Inlet   air temperature150-200
Outlet   air temperature80-100
Dimension L70008000980011000122001410015000

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