Hunan Peike oil tea science and Technology Development Co., Ltd., the high gravity continuous distillation column passed the acceptance


The high gravity continuous distillation unit of Qianjiang Weian drying equipment Co., Ltd., vice president of China's drying industry, has successfully passed the acceptance of Hunan Peike oil tea science and Technology Development Co., Ltd.

High gravity distillation column is a new and efficient distillation equipment jointly developed by our company and provincial scientific research and design units. This kind of equipment is first used in national defense and military industry. In recent years, it has been gradually applied in solvent recovery, absorption and desulfurization projects in civil chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry, petrochemical and environmental protection industries. Our company's original centrifugal distillation tower is a rare master of continuous distillation or batch distillation of 2 or 3-tuple products. It has the advantages of excellent performance, small floor area, small volume, low height, convenient operation, installation and maintenance, safe and reliable production, low management cost, low comprehensive energy consumption and high efficiency (the theoretical plate number per unit length is more than ten times of the ordinary tower). Among them, the "small-scale fast loading centrifugal distillation column" is an indispensable equipment for the development and trial production of new products in universities, middle schools, scientific research institutions, factory pilot rooms or workshops.


1. Material conditions

Material name: methanol and water.

The concentration and temperature of feed solution before treatment: 70-60% (volume%) vapor, 70-90 ℃.

The concentration and temperature of the product after treatment: the concentration is about 95% (volume%) liquid, 50-60 ℃.

Daily treatment capacity: 10 t / D, 70-60% (volume%) feed solution.

The state and temperature of feed liquid before entering the rectifying tower: vapor state, 70-90 ℃ (methanol steam and water vapor), and there is no corrosive acid, polymerizing or condensing substances and tea saponin in the feed liquid.

The distillation column is continuous operation, 24 hours a day. The tower is provided with a distillation section and a distillation section.

2. Public works

2.1 power supply

Power supply: 380V, 3-phase, 50 Hz

Power: 12KW

2.2 cooling water

Pressure: 0.25 MPa

Dosage: ~ 70t / h

Temperature: < 32 ℃

2.3 steam

Pressure: 0.3 MPa

Dosage: 0.7-0.35t/h

The advantages of the distillation unit are as follows:

1. The diameter of high gravity distillation column is greatly reduced

2. The height of the high gravity distillation column is greatly reduced, and the distillation column is only two meters.

3. High gravity distillation column has the advantages of short carding time, small liquid holding capacity, strong anti blocking ability and safe and reliable operation. It is suitable for distillation recovery of materials with high heat sensitivity and viscosity.

4. The high gravity distillation column is easy to operate and maintain. It usually takes about 1 hour for the traditional tower to reach the design component at the top of the tower, while it only takes about 10 minutes for the centrifugal tower to reach equilibrium. The maintenance workload is small, only need to replace the mechanical seal every year.

5. The energy saving of high gravity distillation column is about 5-40%. It is mainly due to the low height, small volume and less heat loss.

6. The tray efficiency of high gravity distillation column is higher than that of traditional column, so it can be used in the production of products with high separation accuracy. The tower can also be used for absorption, desorption, extractive distillation, dephosphorization and other unit operations.

7. The waste liquid discharge of high gravity distillation column is low. Under the same conditions, the waste liquid discharged from the general column is about 3%, while the centrifugal distillation column can meet the requirements of customers and environmental protection, and the discharge can be controlled below 0.5%, which has good environmental protection effect and good social and economic benefits.

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