Dryer equipment is widely used in fruit and vegetable drying, Qianjiang drying in the international leading position

Vegetables, soybeans and other seasonal food, in the past only can eat healthy and nutritious food according to the season. Of course, with the improvement of technical level, now the planting is in greenhouse. We can eat our favorite vegetables all the year round. However, many times, we still need to dry and preserve fruits and vegetables in the dryer for future needs, such as navigation, oceangoing, desert areas and so on.

Drying fruits and vegetables is not a simple dehydration. It requires even drying of water and preservation of the nutrients inside. Each bag of vegetables contains oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, but the proportion of these three gas components is different from that of air. By increasing the content of carbon dioxide, reducing the content of oxygen, and then putting the vegetables in the environment of 0 ℃, the vegetables can be greatly extended The shelf life of the dish. And these Hangzhou Qianjiang drying equipment high-tech dryer technology to achieve.


Dryer equipment is widely used in fruit and vegetable drying. Qianjiang drying is also in the leading position in the world. It can not only dry strawberries, but also be used for dehydration of purple potato, edible fungus, carrot and other food.

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