Qianjiang fluid bed dryer offer salt (sodium chloride) drying solution


Salt, or Sodium Chloride, is essential for life , weather for human beings or animals, and it’s history for production goes back a long time. Weather produced by natural evaporation in ponds, or mined as rock salt, in the upgrading process to clean salt crystals, salt drying is a crucial step. Qianjiang dryer supplies advanced fluid beds for salt drying applications ( sea-salt, rock salt , vacuum salt or brines) in a large range of capacities , manufactured in corrosion resistant grades.


Salt is crucial for many industries and is used all over the world and is marketed in many forms: as a semi-finished product in artificial fertilizer for example but also as a salt for the food industry. The system can also be equipped with a CIP ‘Cleaning-in-Place’ systems. Therefor we are able to meet the high demands required by the food industry. Qianjiang dryer offers dust collection & gas scrubbing equipment and systems for emission control, gas cleaning and product recovery. For the exhaust system a cyclone with a wet scrubber (plastic or stainless steel), a Venturi scrubber or a bag-Filter can be used. Important criteria for the design of a exhaust air system are: temperature of the exhaust air, amount of dust in exhaust air, particle size of the dust, local emission standards and materials of construction.

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