Turning waste plastics into treasure

With the continuous development of economy, more and more plastic products are used and discarded, and the environmental damage is becoming more and more serious. Under the background of national policy support and economic development, the development of recycling industry has a lot of "money prospects".

In the past 50 years since the founding of the people's Republic of China, China's plastics industry has made remarkable achievements. The total output of plastic products has leapt to the second place in the world. Plastic processing technology and equipment, types and application fields of plastic products have stepped into the world's advanced ranks. However, white pollution and the potential harm of waste plastics to the environment have attracted the attention of national leaders, government departments and society. With the continuous development of China's plastics industry, the recycling of waste plastics has become an important aspect of resource recycling and environmental protection.


1、 Policy analysis

Comprehensive utilization of resources is a long-term strategic policy in China's economic and social development. It is also a major technical and economic policy. It is of great significance to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, develop circular economy and build a conservation oriented society.

This is a meaningful and promising green industry. The recycled raw materials of waste plastics have wide application fields and huge market prospects. For the industry, there is no useless garbage, only resources waiting to be developed. The problem to be solved is to make the best use of everything and develop circular economy.

2、 Market analysis

With the increasing consumption of plastic products, waste plastics are also increasing. At present, the market value of waste plastics in China is more than 100 billion yuan. With the continuous rise of international crude oil price, the price of resin, as a by-product of petroleum, has been rising along with the international oil price. Accordingly, the ex factory prices of polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, aromatics, synthetic rubber and other products have soared. As a result, plastic recycling is booming again.

In recent years, the rising price of plastic raw materials has played a great role in promoting the market, and the price of waste plastics has also risen sharply. Among them, the price of relatively pure polyethylene and polypropylene recycled materials is up to more than 6000 yuan / ton, which is close to the price of raw materials before rising. With the strengthening of national environmental protection, the development prospect of waste plastic recycling industry will be broader.

In recent years, the global waste of plastics has reached 40 million tons. The recycling of plastic waste has become one of the important issues to be seriously solved in the environmental protection work all over the world.


3、 Comprehensive analysis

With the extensive application of plastics and the current high price of crude oil, since the beginning of the 21st century, China's plastic recycling industry market has gradually become prosperous, small and medium-sized enterprises have emerged, and investment has gradually become active. The recycling mode of recycled plastics in the past has been transformed into a pure business model driven by market demand, and is developing into a recycling and processing cluster and market It is an environment-friendly industrial economy driven by market demand and price.

Plastic products are used more and more widely, but at the same time, the environmental pollution caused by waste plastic products is becoming increasingly serious. The damage and loss caused by tens of millions of tons of plastic waste every year to the ecological environment and economic development has become an urgent social problem to be solved.

In the future, the waste plastic recycling market has unlimited business opportunities, land, profit and other related issues are also concerned. Only by solving the core problems can we achieve long-term development.

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