The efficient and energy-saving areca nut baking dryer is highly praised by customers


In recent years, a large number of areca nut production enterprises in Hunan still use the original soil drying room to bake betel nuts in the process of drying, but the production efficiency of the equipment is low and the labor force is large, and the main reason is that the product hygiene is not guaranteed. Based on the belt dryer, our company has developed a special multilayer belt dryer for areca nut, which gradually replaces the original soil drying room. After being used by relevant enterprises and improved for many times, it has become the ideal drying equipment for areca nut production enterprises.

The equipment can ensure that the fiber of areca nut seeds will not be damaged, cracked, expanded, or smelled in the drying process, and there is no burning mouth phenomenon when eating, so as to fully guarantee the flavor of the products.

The contact between equipment and materials is made of stainless steel to ensure that the products are free from pollution and meet the sanitary requirements.

Due to the use of multi-layer mesh belt structure, hot air penetrates through multi-layer materials, and combined with the control of moisture discharge in the box, the energy is fully utilized and the production cost is greatly reduced

Equipment features:

1.1 as the drying material is the boiled areca nut, the surface contains sugar and other seasoning residues, so the mesh belt and mesh belt tube are made of stainless steel to ensure that the product is not polluted.

1.2 the equipment has a high degree of automation, no manual operation is required in the production process, and the materials are turned over automatically in the drying process, so as to ensure uniform drying of materials.

1.3 the circulating air volume, circulating air temperature, dehumidification capacity and belt running speed of each unit can be adjusted independently.

1.4 stainless steel material is used above the mesh belt material to prevent rust and other impurities from polluting the material.

1.5 mesh belt adopts stainless steel reinforced herringbone mesh belt, with long service life.

1.6 there is no need for manual operation in the production process, and the materials do not need to be turned over in the whole drying process, thus eliminating the introduction of pollutants.

1.7 the energy consumption is low, because the hot air circulation is adopted, the heat utilization rate is high.

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