Successful application of azithromycin intermediate in flash drying


The flash dryer designed and manufactured by Zhejiang University of technology has been successfully applied to the drying of erythromycin 6,9-imine ether, the intermediate of azithromycin. Our company has rich experience in the process design, equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning of the flash dryer.

This equipment is a new type of high efficiency fluidization drying equipment designed and developed by our company to overcome the low efficiency of static drying, high consumption of biconical drying and easy caking of vacuum rake drying products. It also solves the two problems of easy accumulation of materials at the bottom of traditional flash drying and insufficient contact between heat and materials. In the process of equipment design, the company adopts the characteristics of fluidized drying, and focuses on the design of special air duct and air distribution mechanism in the unit, so that the hot air flow of drying medium can move with animal material at high speed, and fully combine with heat exchange to complete the drying purpose. The whole machine has excellent process structure and superior performance, and realizes the realization of fluidized drying by tailor-made Special purpose, low consumption and high efficiency target.

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