Vitamin C drying


1. Material Overview:

Vitamin C medicines are white monoclinic crystals or crystalline powder with a melting point of 190°C-192°C, no odor and acid, and gradually become yellowish after long-term storage. The drug is easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether and chloroform. Its aqueous solution showed an acidic reaction. The specific rotation of 5% (W/V) aqueous solution PH2.1-2.6 (W/V) aqueous solution is +20.5°~21.5°

2. The equipment overview:

Material parameters:

(1) Material name: VC particles

(2) Processing capacity: 1 ton/hour

(3) Initial moisture of the material: 15%

(4) Material final moisture: <0.2%

(5) Inlet air temperature: 80℃, discharge temperature: <40℃, material drying maximum high withstand temperature: <80.

(6) Accumulated specific gravity of dry materials: about 0.5t/m3

Fluidized bed parameters:

(1) Drying form: vibrating fluidized bed

(2) Heat source: saturated steam pressure: ≤0.8MPa

(3) Drying method: the air processed by the junior and medium efficiency filter is heated (the heater is made of stainless steel 304 tube and stainless steel 304 fin), and the hot air enters the equipment after being processed by the high temperature and high efficiency filter.

(4) Dehumidification method: Clean air enters the equipment through the dehumidifier of the surface cooler. Cold water temperature: 15℃ in winter, 9℃ in summer.

(5) Basic requirements for equipment production: ① meet FDA requirements. The material in contact with the material is required to be 316L material, and all other materials are selected from 304 (including air pipe flange). The equipment cavity and the inner wall of the air pipe are polished. The polishing accuracy is less than 0.4 μm, and no wall hanging phenomenon should occur. The whole equipment needs to be destaticized. To insulate the host equipment and hot air pipeline, it is required to use stainless steel 304 skin, and the welding seam is argon arc welding ② meet the production capacity requirements.

3. Equipment characteristics:

(1) Material loss rate: ≤0.1%

(2) Process: The material enters the vibrating fluidized bed inlet through the granulator (the sampling port is made above the fluidized bed inlet to facilitate sampling and check the granulation effect). After being dried by purified hot air, it is then purified and dehumidified. The material is discharged from the discharge port after cooling by cold air. The powder material collection adopts stainless steel 304 cloth bag dust collector, (stainless steel 304 keel type, not spring type; filter bag must provide verification materials that cannot lose floc and felt).

(3) The body of the equipment is insulated, and all the hot air pipelines must be insulated. The insulation skin is required to be 304 material, polished, and the insulation cotton is made of composite silicate board.

(4) Material of equipment: 316L material is used for the contact part between the main body of the fluidized bed and the material, all polished, and the polishing precision is less than 0.4μm, all the air pipes are all selected 316L sanitary pipe, and the polishing precision is less than 0.4μm, all other parts 304 material, the valve components that are in contact with the materials are all sanitary products that meet FDA requirements.

(5) All electrical components adopt French Schneider products. The fan adopts Shanghai General Fan Co., Ltd., the fan frequency conversion adopts German Siemens products, and the motor adopts frequency conversion motor. The SEW brand is used for the speed reducer and motor of the shut-off valve. PLC uses Siemens products.

4. Dryer working process:


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