Sodium saccharin drying technology


Recommended Dryer Model: LPG Series High Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer


1.Product Overview:

Sodium saccharin, also known as soluble saccharin, is the sodium salt of saccharin, with two crystalline waters, colorless crystals or slightly whitish crystalline powder. Anhydrous saccharin, generally containing two crystalline water, easy to lose the crystalline water to produce anhydrous saccharin, white powder, odorless or slightly aromatic, with a strong sweet taste. Bitter. Sweetness is about 500 times of sucrose. It is weak in heat and alkali resistance, and the sweetness will disappear gradually when heated under acidic conditions, and the solution will taste bitter if it is more than 0.026%.

2. Technology Description:

Sodium saccharin is mainly produced using spray dryer. In order to meet the product quality requirements (moisture, whiteness and particle distribution), the parameters of the entire drying process need to be set one by one. .

We conducted a group test, taking the same sample size and different inlet air temperatures for the test. The temperature distribution of the air inlet was 260℃, 280℃, 300℃, 320℃, 340℃, and 360℃. The moisture content of the sample was 14.05% and the whiteness was 96%. The outlet air temperature was set at 95-105℃.

The test was measured through following method:.

1. Content test (measured by non-aqueous titration).

2. Whiteness test (measured by digital whiteness meter).

3. Moisture measurement (using a halogen hydrometer).

4 Particle distribution measurement (200 g of dry product per group, after sieving through the 60-160 mesh sieve of the electric sifter, calculate the weight specific gravity of each mesh range)

After the test we can find the following pattern.

1.The size of the air inlet temperature has less influence on the content of the product.

2.Air inlet temperature has a certain influence on whiteness, air inlet temperature to 340 ℃ or more, you can see the whiteness drop significantly.

3.Air inlet temperature and moisture content is inversely proportional, and below 300 ℃ to do not meet the quality requirements.

4.Air inlet temperature has a greater impact on the yield, the higher the temperature, the more obvious the decline in yield of a single batch.

5.The distribution of particles influence: air inlet temperature on the particle size of the impact of less. After years of experience, we know that the size of the particles is only related to the speed of the feed and the concentration of the feed liquid.

Sodium saccharin spray dryer parameter setting

After the statistics of the test results, we found that the spray dryer used for sodium saccharin, the air inlet temperature set at 300-320℃ can meet the output and quality requirements, can also maximize energy utilization.

3. Dryer working process:


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