Yeast extract drying


1. Application Range:

Yeast, baby food, rice paste, special process food additives, animal and plant feed, milk powder for making chocolate, starch denaturation production process, potato powder, chemical dyes, pharmaceuticals, yeast series, etc.

2. Equipment Overview:

Drum scraper dryer is an internal heating conduction type continuous drying equipment. The rotating drum adheres a thick material film through the lower material tank, and the heat is transferred to the inner wall of the drum through the pipeline, and then transferred to the outer wall of the drum, and then the feed film, so that the humidity in the material film is evaporated and dehumidified to make The wet material is dried. The dried material is shoveled away from the drum by a scraper installed on the surface of the drum, to a screw conveyor placed under the scraper, and then the dry material is concentrated and packed by the screw conveyor.

3. Process Characteristics:

(1).The body of the TGX series double drum scraper dryer breaks the traditional model. This kind of structure and material is solid and abnormally stable, and its weight distribution is nearly.

(2).Advanced safety systems help to provide active protection for the cylinder.

(3).TGX's mature shock absorption and avoidance technology can provide more complete and better protection.

(4).The accuracy of the cylinder and the fuselage is 1 / 15 of that of the hair, ensuring the stable operation better than the similar products in the United States.

4. Equipment Advantages:

(1). Large drying rate: due to the thin film and the same direction of heat and mass transfer, the film surface can maintain 70-160kg.. H2O (M & sup2;.h) vaporization strength, which is more than 50% higher than the ordinary scraper dryer in China.

(2). Operation flexibility, wide applicability. Many drying factors of drum dryer can be adjusted. For example, the concentration of the feed, the concentration of the coating, the thickness of the coating film, the temperature of the heating medium, the rotation speed of the drum, etc. can change the drying efficiency of the drum dryer, and many factors are not related to each other. This brings great convenience to the drum drying operation, so that it can adapt to the drying of various materials and the requirements of different output.

(3). High thermal efficiency: it is the first double drum scraper dryer with thermal efficiency over 90% in China;

(4). Short drying time: the drying cycle of materials is generally only 10-300 seconds, suitable for heat sensitive materials. If the drum dryer is set in a vacuum, it can be operated under reduced pressure.

(5). Small floor area: the equipment covers only one third of the drying tower area, reducing the factory investment capital for manufacturers.

(6). Low energy consumption: compared with the spray dryer, its energy consumption has been saved by 80%. And its output is three times.

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