Seaweed (carrageenan) drying


Project Overview:

As algae growing in the sea, seaweed is a hidden plant in the plant kingdom. Algae includes several different types of organisms that produce energy through photosynthesis. They are generally considered to be simple plants, the main features are: no vascular bundle tissue, no differentiation of true roots, stems, and leaves; no flowering, no fruits and seeds; no special protective tissue for reproductive organs, often directly from a single plant Cells produce spores or gametes; and no embryo formation. Because of the simple structure of algae, some botanists attribute it to the "frond flora" of lower plants, along with fungi. Seaweed is abundant in Southeast Asia such as Malaysia.

The production line of our drying can use high-end DW type mesh belt dryer, which can realize the efficient drying of seaweed and carrageenan. There have been many cases applied to the international market.

Work Advantage:

The entire production line is fully enclosed (in terms of materials), which is composed of three parts: swinging cloth section, drying section and discharge section. The action of the swinging cloth section makes the algae evenly dispersed on the net board, and is transported to the drying section at a uniform speed. After the seaweed passes through the 80°C hot air drying section, 90°C hot air drying section and 120°C hot air drying section, it is discharged through the discharge section. The circulating wind direction and the circulation of the wind in each unit are downward, that is, the heated air is sucked in by the induced draft fan, firstly pre-distributed at the fan outlet and then passed through the orifice plate, then the hot air is upward from the material (top down) through the material layer.

DW series multi-layer belt dryer:

DW series multi-layer belt dryer is suitable for large-scale production of difficult-to-dry materials with low drying rate. The equipment has compact structure, small footprint, simple operation, convenient maintenance and stable operation. It can be designed into different hot air circulation drying forms according to the drying characteristics of the materials. It is an extension and improvement of the hot air circulation oven. With the technological advancement of the enterprise and the improvement of the technical content of the products, the multi-layer belt dryer has the ability to meet large-scale production, diversification, centralized control and continuous production. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and easy management.


DW series single-layer belt dryer:

The belt dryer is mainly composed of air inlet unit, air exhaust unit, circulating air unit, mesh belt, steam pipeline and condensate discharge pipeline system, moisture exhaust system, feeder, transmission mechanism, control system and other components.The material in the hopper is evenly spread on the mesh belt by the feeder. The mesh belt uses 12-60 mesh stainless steel wire mesh, which is dragged by the transmission device to move in the dryer. The drying section is composed of several units. The heat exchanger becomes hot air and passes through the material layer to complete the heat and mass transfer process. Most of the gas is circulated, and some of the gas with lower temperature and larger moisture content is discharged as exhaust gas by the exhaust fan.


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