Soybean dietary fiber drying


Project Overview:

The term dietary fiber has not appeared in nutrition before 1970. It is a food nutrient that is generally not easy to digest. It mainly comes from the cell wall of plants, including cellulose, hemicellulose, resin, pectin and lignin. Dietary fiber is indispensable for a healthy diet. Fiber plays an important role in maintaining the health of the digestive system. At the same time, intake of sufficient fiber can also prevent cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Fiber can clean the digestive wall and enhance digestive function. Fiber can also dilute and accelerate the removal of carcinogens and toxic substances in food, protect the vulnerable digestive tract and prevent colon cancer. Fiber can slow the digestion speed and excrete cholesterol quickly, so it can control the blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood to the ideal level.

Qianjiang Weian Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. can use the high-end XSG rotary flash dryer to achieve high-efficiency drying of soybean dietary fiber. At present, there have been many cases applied to the international market.

Advantages reflected:

The material characteristics of soybean dietary fiber-fiber products are inherently very hydrophilic, and at the same time, the initial moisture of the material is higher, up to 75%. The high-efficiency flash dryer designed by our company has large output and low energy consumption. Can achieve 15%-25% energy saving compared to conventional flash dryer;

Dryer working process:


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