Anhydrous spherical calcium chloride drying


Recommended Dryer Model: GLZ series spray granulation fluidized bed dryer

       1. Material Overview:

Anhydrous photospherical calcium chloride is white spherical calcium chloride with strong hygroscopicity, relative density 2.15, melting point 775°C, boiling point 1935.5°C. Easily soluble in water and ethanol. Used as a desiccant for various substances, in addition to road dust prevention, soil conditioner, and refrigerant. Used in chemical reagents, pharmaceutical raw materials, food additives, feed additives and raw materials for the manufacture of calcium metal. It is also used as a dehydrating agent, slurrying agent, and water purifying agent.

       2. Equipment characteristics:

Anhydrous spherical calcium chloride spray granulation fluidized bed dryer, the main features of the device

1. The product has a high accumulation ratio and good fluidity.

2. The equipment has uniform fluidization effect, long running time, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

3. The appearance of the product is short-sighted and has little glitches.

4. The system atomization system uses special materials, with good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and has a long service life.

       3. Dryer working process:


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