Livestock & Fish Feed Drying

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       1. Introduction:

       Feed is the general term for the food of animals raised by humans. In a narrower sense, general feed mainly refers to the food of animals raised in agriculture or animal husbandry. Feed includes more than ten varieties of feed materials such as soybeans, soybean meal, corn, fish meal, amino acids, miscellaneous meal, whey powder, oil, meat and bone meal, grains, and feed additives.The particle size of animal feed is different. According to different feed forms and drying requirements, we will give different solutions. There are mainly two types. One is a belt dryer and the other is a fluidized bed dryer.

       2. Belt dryer characteristics:

(1)The air volume, heating temperature, material residence time and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect.

(2)The equipment configuration is flexible, and the net belt flushing system and material cooling system can be used.

(3)The operation is flexible. After the wet materials enter the machine, the drying process is carried out in a completely sealed box, the labor conditions are good, and the leakage of dust is avoided.

(4)When the dried material moves along with the conveyor belt, the relative position between the material particles is relatively fixed, with basically the same drying time, which is very suitable for certain drying processes where the color of the material changes or the moisture content requires uniformity. The vibration and impact are very slight, and the material particles are not easy to break, so it is also suitable for drying some materials that are not allowed to be broken.

(5)Not only can the materials be dried, but sometimes they can be baked, cooked or cooled.

(6)Unique air separation device makes the hot air distribution more uniform, ensuring the consistency of product quality.

(7)Simple structure, easy installation, long-term operation, and can enter the cabinet for maintenance when a failure occurs, which is convenient for maintenance.

      3. Belt dryer working process:


       4. Fluid bed dryer characteristics:

(1)  The residence time of materials in the fluidized bed is adjustable, this fbd dryer can produce products with lower water content.

(2)  High heat transfer intensity and high thermal efficiency. The rake device can break up the materials which are easy to agglomerate.

(3)  The feeding amount can be adjusted according to the temperature change in the fluidized bed for continuous or batch production.

(4)  The materials in the fluid bed are evenly dried to avoid part overheating of raw materials.

(5)  Adopt special air distribution plate, which not only pushes the material forward, but also does not loss the material.

(6)  The system adopts multi-level dust removal, which improves the product availability and reduces the material loss.

(7)  The system uses a fully enclosed structure, and the drying and cooling processes can be completed in one device at the same time.

(8)  Continuous operation, large processing capacity, suitable for large production.

      5. Fluid bed dryer working process:

continuous fluid bed dryer process.gif

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