Nickel sulfate drying


Recommended Dryer Model: ZLG Series Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer

       1. Material Overview

There are three types of nickel sulfate: anhydrous, hexahydrate and heptahydrate. Most of the products are hexahydrate, with two variants of α-type and β-type, the former is blue tetragonal crystal, the latter is green monoclinic crystal. When heated to 103°C, it loses six crystal waters. It is easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol, and its aqueous solution is acidic, slightly soluble in acid and ammonia, and toxic. Mainly used in electroplating industry, pharmaceutical industry, inorganic industry, printing and dyeing industry, etc.

2. Technology Overview

The dried material is bromide sulfate, which has strong acidity and strong corrosivity. In view of this feature, our company has upgraded and improved the equipment manufacturing. The upper and lower boxes of the vibrating fluidized bed and the inner surface are both Adopting 3mm FRP, the vibration plate is made of special nickel plate punching the tongue hole, and the exhaust gas is made of high temperature and corrosion resistant FRP material. The support frame and support tube are also made of carbon steel Teflon material. In order to achieve a good emission, the bag of the bag dust collector is selected with a special material, which is extremely acid-resistant, and even the frequency conversion of the induced draft fan is also made of FRP. This process solves the problems of high temperature and high corrosion encountered in the process of material drying.

3. Technology Principle

The material enters the machine from the feed port, and jumps forward on the air distribution plate under the action of the vibration force provided by the vibration motor or other methods. At the same time, after the air is filtered, it is heated to a certain temperature and enters the downwind chamber of the dryer through the air port In the material, under the dual action of the vibration force and the hot air flow through the air distribution plate, the material is in contact with the hot air flow in a suspended state, and the material particles and the heat medium undergo intense turbulence to enable the heat and mass transfer process Intensified, the dried product is discharged through the discharge port, the evaporated water and waste gas are discharged into the atmosphere after recycling the dust through the cyclone separator. The lower bed provides a stable air chamber with a certain pressure for the bed. Adjust the induced draft fan to maintain a slight negative pressure on the upper part of the bed material in the upper box, maintain a good dry environment and prevent the dust from leaking out.

4. Technology Characteristic

(1).The material is heated uniformly, the heat exchange is sufficient, the drying strength is high, and the energy saving is about 30% compared with the ordinary dryer. The vibration source is driven by a vibration motor, with balanced operation, convenient maintenance, low noise and long life. The fluidization is stable without dead angle and blow-through phenomenon. It has little damage to the surface of the material and can be used for fragile drying. When the material particles are irregular, it will not affect the work effect.

(2).The fully enclosed structure is used to effectively prevent cross-contamination between materials and air, and the working environment is clean. It has good adjustability, adapts to the width of the surface, the thickness of the material layer, the speed of movement in the machine and the change of amplitude can be adjusted steplessly.

(3).Due to the application of vibration, the velocity of the small fluidized gas can be reduced, which can significantly reduce the air demand, thereby reducing the entrainment of the dust layer. The supporting heat source, fan, cyclone, etc. can also be reduced in size accordingly. The complete equipment is reduced, saving energy the effect is obvious. It is convenient to change the residence time in the machine by adjusting the vibration parameters. The plug-flow operation reduces the uniformity and regularity requirements of the materials, and it is easy to obtain uniform dry products.

      5. Dryer working process:


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