Successful experiment of air dryer in a small laboratory with an output of 3-10 kg / batch of salt

Successful experiment of air dryer in small laboratory with output of 3-10 kg / batch of salt

On May 24, 2019, Hangzhou Qianjiang drying equipment Co., Ltd. conducted an experiment on the small laboratory fluidized bed dryer produced by our factory, and the experimental material was salt.

Working principle of small laboratory airflow dryer: after air is filtered and heated, the temperature reaches 80 ~ 300 ℃ (adjustable).

The material is added into the feed inlet, and evenly added into the drying pipe by the screw feeder, and the hot air is in parallel flow contact, forming a complex heat exchange process mainly by convection, and finally meeting the drying requirements of the product. The gas-solid mixture passing through the drying tube is firstly recycled by cyclone separator, and then the powder is separated by bag filter (the recovery rate can reach 99% below 500 mesh). The exhaust gas is discharged through the induced draft fan.

  1. The drying speed is fast, and the finished product is fine and even.

2. Short drying time, suitable for heat sensitive materials.

3. The material has little contact with the outside world, is not polluted, and the product quality is good.

4. The equipment has the advantages of low investment, small floor area and convenient installation.

5. It has small capacity and small volume, especially suitable for laboratory use.

Experimental data:

Drying material: salt

Motor: 370W

Fan model: hg-2200sb high pressure vortex air pump

Fan frequency: 50 Hz

Inlet air temperature: 120 degrees

Experimental results: the small laboratory air dryer produced by our factory successfully produced 3-10 kg / batch

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