Service System


Optimized Solution Design: we communicate patiently with users to understand their actual needs and provide them with good design solutions.

Year-round Parts Guarantee: We always maintain a certain level of spare parts stock, which means that replacement parts can be sent to you on time, avoiding Inactivity of equipment due to ageing of its components.

Upgrading Of Equipment: We take full account of users in the process of enterprise development, such as production capacity, energy saving and other new needs, we provide you with new of remodeling solutions that save you money.

Operation Training Service: Upon delivery, we provide your staff with comprehensive training on the use, maintenance and simple repair of your equipment, and provide written documentation to avoid equipment downtime due to employee turnover.

Material Testing Service: Our advanced material testing center has perfect testing equipment, and can provide foreign customers with a variety of material testing services. On-site material testing.



Service Commitment

Pre-sales Service  

1. Introduce products to customers in detail and answer their questions carefully.

2. Develop options based on the needs and special requirements of users in different industries.

3. According to the customer's material samples, we can provide material testing test.


Sale Service

1. Ensure high product quality and pre-commissioning prior to delivery.

2. To follow up the production schedule and deliver on time.

3. Provide a full set of documents according to customers' requirements.


After-sales Service

1. Assist the client in preparing the first construction program.

2. Instruct Installation, assist in debugging equipment;

3. Training of front-line operators.

4. Inspection of equipment.

5. Proactive and rapid troubleshooting.

6. Provide technical support.

7. Provide customers with a one-year warranty to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

8. Establish long-term friendly cooperative relations.

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